Do happy employees equate happy clients?

At Tube Supply, we believe so.  

We take care of our people. In nearly 30 years of providing steel tubular and bar products to the oil and gas industry, Tube Supply President, Paul Sorensen, has never laid off an employee, even during energy sector downturns that resulted in widespread layoffs.

The Tube Supply corporate culture promotes safety, stability, responsiveness and continuous improvement.   Notably, all with a touch of good humor, as exemplified by a chalkboard note at the Edmonton, Canada Tube Supply location, stating: "Smile, you are in the steel industry."  

In fact, the Tube Supply corporate vision to “To maintain a stable, fun work environment while delivering satisfaction to the market place” places employee satisfaction at its core.

Tube Supply fosters an entrepreneurial spirit and encourages its team to expand their knowledge and skills. Tube Supply employees are empowered to find creative solutions to client needs.  The environment is fast paced.  Standards are set high.  Sales responds 24/7, and Tube Supply employees rise to the occasion.

At Tube Supply, we take care of our people, not only because we believe it’s the right thing to do, but because happy employees produce happy customers. We believe that if we treat our people right, they in turn, will take care of our clients, and that’s good business.