“To create a fun, stable work environment while delivering satisfaction to the marketplace” -Paul Sorensen, partner

Commitment to Quality


Tube Supply tube and bar steel conforms to the strictest oil and gas industry requirements as governed by AISI, ASTM, and API.


Our tube and bar steel is only sourced only from the highest-quality domestic and international mills.


Tube Supply provides a range of quality inspection services with full quality and technical audits. This includes Mill Test Reports, for material traceability and quality assurance.


Our Houston and Edmonton locations have both received ISO 9001:2015 certification.


Rosie the Robot

Tube supply is fully equipped to process parts beyond human speeds, with our first robot, affectionately called Rosie. She can process material three times faster than a standard band saw, with minimal restrictions on material type or cut lengths. The ability to get material to our customers both quickly and accurately is what sets us apart from our competition.


Tube Supply History


Back in the 1980’s there were two small, family-owned steel distributors among the many giants in Houston: Triple-S Steel, founded by Bruce Stein in 1960, and Tube Supply, co-founded by Paul Sorensen in 1986.  

Triple-S specialized in selling small quantities of new and surplus structural steel to small fabrication shops and independent welders, among others, while Tube Supply was carving out a niche selling premium, high-quality bars and tubing to the energy industry.

Over time, both companies grew in size, quality, product reach and geographic locations.  The owners of both companies survived, and even thrived, through the vicious cycles of the energy and steel industries. In 2011, the owners of Tube Supply received the proverbial "offer they couldn't refuse" and the company was sold to a larger company.

In early 2016, Paul Sorensen had the opportunity to buy back Tube Supply.  From a stairwell in west Houston, with his cellphone in one hand and his laptop in another, he described the situation to his business partner Gary Stein. Literally, within moments, the new Tube Supply was born. In classic Texas fashion, the deal was done "on a handshake."  In many ways, that short phone call represents what you can expect from the new Tube Supply.

- Our word is our bond
- We will put our resources at your disposal
- We will treat you fairly and with honesty and integrity

The new Tube Supply combines the quality, expertise and service you have come to know from Paul and his team with the resources and capabilities of Triple-S. 

Together, Tube Supply and Triple-S Steel have over 1,200 people, 30 facilities, and 200,000 tons of inventory ready to help you, our customer and friend, to achieve your goals.

Houston Branch

Houston Branch

Edmonton Branch

Edmonton Branch